ArtShots wrap-up

We had a great time at the ArtShots screening and awards ceremony tonight. It was great to see all the films (despite some glitches), hear Amy Obenski again, play music in a theater, and meet a bunch of creative people. And Evan (who directed our video) won a prize! “Artist’s Champion,” I think, which will go on the team’s shelf next to Best Acting by a Horse.

A couple of updates from tonight: First, we’ll be playing on June 6 at Blue Rock Shoot in Saratoga. It’s a benefit for Doctors With Borders, a heroic organization that practices medicine in countries suffering from natural and man-made disasters. We’re looking forward to sharing the night with Sean Michael Imler, who was in charge of making things sound good tonight. More details when we have them.

Second – and this is really just a teaser – if you’ve watched the video, you know it ends after the first chorus, and also there’s a lot of talking in it. Evan says he has a version that spotlights the full song, and he’ll have it up soon. Watch this space!