our last show

… is this Saturday at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View, California. Show starts at 8 (really), but get there early if you want a good seat.

I'm leaving town

Not right away, but for real; I’m moving to Minneapolis this wonder. I love it there, and I’m really excited about going, except for this: It’s going to be a lot harder to make it to Tin Cat practice.

So, we’re having a farewell show! Mark your calendar: November 13, Red Rock Coffee, Mountain View, CA. We’ll be joined by our friends Philip Rodriguez and Colin Carthen, who used to play together as the duo With River. Who knows, maybe they’ll play together again!

Aside from that, our last live show will probably be next Wednesday at Angelica’s Bistro in Redwood City. This is a showcase of musicians from FAR-West, a folk music convention happening next weekend in Santa Clara. We’re also on KKUP, 91.5 FM, tomorrow night at 8.

I’ll post more good stuff, especially about the new recording we’re doing, over the next few weeks.

Stop the Gush – benefit concert with Careless Hearts

Next Tuesday (June 29) we’re playing a benefit concert at the Theatre on San Pedro Square, in downtown San Jose. We’ll be opening for roots rockers Careless Hearts. Proceeds will go to help people affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and to advocate for clean energy alternatives to oil.

Brown Paper Tickets has tickets and more information.

ArtShots wrap-up

We had a great time at the ArtShots screening and awards ceremony tonight. It was great to see all the films (despite some glitches), hear Amy Obenski again, play music in a theater, and meet a bunch of creative people. And Evan (who directed our video) won a prize! “Artist’s Champion,” I think, which will go on the team’s shelf next to Best Acting by a Horse.

A couple of updates from tonight: First, we’ll be playing on June 6 at Blue Rock Shoot in Saratoga. It’s a benefit for Doctors With Borders, a heroic organization that practices medicine in countries suffering from natural and man-made disasters. We’re looking forward to sharing the night with Sean Michael Imler, who was in charge of making things sound good tonight. More details when we have them.

Second – and this is really just a teaser – if you’ve watched the video, you know it ends after the first chorus, and also there’s a lot of talking in it. Evan says he has a version that spotlights the full song, and he’ll have it up soon. Watch this space!

About Us

Video by It Donned On Me, for the ArtShots competition. Voting is open for another 31 hours. Win or lose, we’re playing at the awards ceremony.

Tin Cat, meet Pirate Cat

Tom and I went up to San Francisco Thursday morning to play on the Pretty Good Not Much show on Pirate Cat Radio. Pirate radio’s a little more… relaxed than public radio. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Here’s an audio clip from the show: Tin Cat on Pirate Cat Radio (15MB MP3). It was fun but weird trying to figure out how to do our songs without Dave. Tom took one of his guitar solos, but what I really missed was that one more harmony vocal. Well, next time. Songs in this clip: Helium, Black Jack Davey, and Over Ilsa. We also discuss the Federal Folk Song Certification Program, and how to tune street traffic.

live in San Francisco (twice)

We’re playing tomorrow, Thursday, October 1, on Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9 FM in San Francisco. Actually I’m not sure if all of us will be there, but at least Tom, probably me, and maybe Dave. Anyway, it’s at 11:00 AM, and it sounds like if you’re in the neighborhood you can drop by the cafe and see us in person. I don’t endorse the maple bacon latte.

Then on Friday, we’re at the Red Vic Sessions at 1665 Haight St. $2 gets you in to see something like half a dozen bands and singer-songwriters. We’re on first, at 7:30 PM.

Spotlight on San Jose

So, this is cool: DJ Lottie of Breakthru Radio put together a 90-minute program of music from San Jose! And hey, we’re in it! Along with a lot of other good stuff. I’m already a fan of The Mumlers and Corpus Callosum – and of course I’m a member of DeatHat – but I’d never heard the Mumlers-esque Plantain, or the quiet keyboard pop of Lady Lazarus, or the spaced-out songs of Doctor Nurse.

Look at all those links! You could click on all of them, or just go check out Spotlight on the City: San Jose.

an anniversary party for The Long Way

It’s been almost a year since we stopped at a rest area off I-5, unloaded bags and boxes from the truck, and, after peanut butter and jelly, assembled the first copies of our CD, “The Long Way”. We formed an assembly line, sort of, only we kept changing places. Tom stuck the labels I’d printed on the discs he’d burned, until we figured out I was better at it; I showed Dave how to pop the trays out of the jewel cases we bought at Circuit City, then Tom showed us both how the pros do it; we all folded the tray inserts and put them in the cases and put the cases back together and put the discs in the trays and stacked them in a pile. I think we made maybe a dozen.

That night we sold the first copy, to an enthusiastically drunk young lady who, like everyone else in Ashland, had missed our entire set. We were packing up when everyone the bartenders had texted suddenly showed up, so we unpacked and played a Jackson 5 song and whatever else we could think of until we’d all had enough. After we were done, they played our CD on the stereo. I couldn’t make out exactly what our first customer squealed about it – but I could tell she liked it.
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groovepainter show this Saturday

Micah Bariteau, aka groovepainter, often seen sketching musicians at concerts and open mikes, has a show of his art up at Mission City Coffee this month. Here’s a piece he did of us at Red Rock Coffee a couple months back. Click the image for a larger version. I like the way he draws over metallic swirls of paint – it’s a cool textural approach.
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